Naxos island: Travel guide

Gigantic marble gate Portara is the main sight in Naxos.Only gate and foundation of the temple preserved for nowadays. Sunset on a background of Portaria is indescribable and fascinating spectacle, so locals and tourists are going here in the evenings.

The Venetian Castro fortress is another architectural relic that is located on a hill and towering over the city. The fortified castle was built by the Venetian duke in the XIII century and perfectly preserved to nowadays. Facades of urban elite houses form the outer ramparts of the castle to protect it from attacks by the sea. Many unique finds are stored in Archaeological Museum on the territory of the fortress.

The Bazeos Castle attracts a lot of tourists. It was home for monks for a long time.Thenit had been empty as long as the noble family Bazeos rebuild it in the XIX century. The castle regularly hosts art exhibitions and hosts the annual Easter Festival of Naxos. The important religious attraction of the island is Cathedral of St. John Chrysostom, that is not far from Chora.

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Necklace mountain ranges with steep slopes and canyons between them, dry riverbeds, green valley dotted with olive, fig, orange and lemon groves, vineyards and irrigated torrents form the landscape of Andros. It differs from the one that we can meet on the rest parts of Cyclades.

Andros Mountain is terminated by steep cliffs or rocky headlands, and the valley has sandy beaches. The houses are build in neoclassical and traditional Cycladic style. Narrow, climbing up the hill streets punctuated by arches, with two picturesque squares in the center, it impresses with its aristocracy. The ruins of the fortress with the Church of the Virgin (PanagiaPalatyani) on its inner courtyard is one of the most significant monuments of Hora.

We also recommend you visit the Archaeological Museum, that exhibits the monuments related to the geometric, classical, Hellenistic, Byzantine and Roman periods. Contemporary Art Museum exhibits works of major modern Greek sculptor Michalis Tombrosa and other well-known Greek and foreign artists. Maritime Museum has a rich collection of ship model.

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Paralia Katerini

Katerini is located at the foot of Mount Olympus, the highest mountain range in Greece (altitude 2917 m). It was a sacred mountain where ancient gods lived. Mount Olympus is not only a historical and mythological Greek character, but also a monument of nature, characterized by a huge variety of flora and fauna, fascinating for its beauty.

It is possible to climb to the top from the village of Litohoro. You can take a taxi to the place at an altitude of 1100 meters, called prions. For those who like to walk there is also a pedestrian route. You will find parking and a restaurant in prions, it is also possible to overnight in the monastery of St. Dionysius.

You can enjoy many interesting excursions such as a trip to the ancient city of Edessa, Pella and Virginia, as well as Delphi and Athens. Excursions from ParaliaKaterini characterized by low prices. Lovers of extreme sports can visit a water park in 8 km from Thessaloniki.If you have a lot of time in Greece, you can visit Olympiaki Akti, then have Santorini tours. Then you can go to Paros, Naxos and Milos islands.

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