Necklace mountain ranges with steep slopes and canyons between them, dry riverbeds, green valley dotted with olive, fig, orange and lemon groves, vineyards and irrigated torrents form the landscape of Andros. It differs from the one that we can meet on the rest parts of Cyclades.

Andros Mountain is terminated by steep cliffs or rocky headlands, and the valley has sandy beaches. The houses are build in neoclassical and traditional Cycladic style. Narrow, climbing up the hill streets punctuated by arches, with two picturesque squares in the center, it impresses with its aristocracy. The ruins of the fortress with the Church of the Virgin (PanagiaPalatyani) on its inner courtyard is one of the most significant monuments of Hora.

We also recommend you visit the Archaeological Museum, that exhibits the monuments related to the geometric, classical, Hellenistic, Byzantine and Roman periods. Contemporary Art Museum exhibits works of major modern Greek sculptor Michalis Tombrosa and other well-known Greek and foreign artists. Maritime Museum has a rich collection of ship model.

Archangel church in the village of Mesaria, Monastery Life-giving source (ZoodohuPigis) in the village of Batsi, Monastery of St. Nicholas (Agios Nikolaos) in the village of APIC, where the well-known mineral springs Sariza is situated, the Monastery of St. Panteleimon (Panahrandu) in. Fallico, Apano Castro (upper castle), also called Tees grias the Castro (the old woman's castle), just north of the village Kohilos are the best places to visit here.

Special mention should be paid on the extant ruins of an ancient city in Paleopoli, as well as to the south of it. One of the most important settlements of the geometric period in Greece was found during the excavations in Zagora district.

Andros has a well-developed tourist infrastructure, capable to meet the needs of the ever-increasing flow of tourists, that are attracted by the exceptional beauty landscapes, scenic settlements, historical monuments, mineral springs, fascinating coast and beaches.

The most popular resort is Batsion (Batsi). There are plenty of hotels, taverns and bars for all tastes, which were attached snugly around a beautiful natural harbor. Local beaches are sandy, clean, but often crowded, especially during the peak season.

Andros is the second island's port, and the Le Havre isits main sea gate. We can advise small resort Ormos (OrmosKorthiou) for those who prefer the relative tranquility and privacy. Its large bay with a long esplanade is isolated from the rest of Andros ridge, so the beaches are cleaner and freer. Lazy bathers should go to the north of the bay to the Griyas-Pidima beach. But south of the resort is a mecca for windsurfers.

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