Paralia Katerini

Katerini is located at the foot of Mount Olympus, the highest mountain range in Greece (altitude 2917 m). It was a sacred mountain where ancient gods lived. Mount Olympus is not only a historical and mythological Greek character, but also a monument of nature, characterized by a huge variety of flora and fauna, fascinating for its beauty.

It is possible to climb to the top from the village of Litohoro. You can take a taxi to the place at an altitude of 1100 meters, called prions. For those who like to walk there is also a pedestrian route. You will find parking and a restaurant in prions, it is also possible to overnight in the monastery of St. Dionysius.

It is worth visiting the Church of St. Catherine that is located in the heart of the city. There is an interesting archaeological museum and the excavation in the village of Dion to the south-west of Katerini, 15 km away. The museum exhibited the ancient Dion time sculptures and exquisite mosaics, which, however, can also be found in the village. Dion was a religious and cultural center of ancient Macedonia.The Macedonians came to worship here Zeus Thunderer and brought donations. And the very name of the village was the alternative name of the Greek god («Dias» means «Zeus»). The village consists of intricate streets where you can easily lost.

You can enjoy many interesting excursions such as a trip to the ancient city of Edessa, Pella and Virginia, as well as Delphi and Athens. Excursions from ParaliaKaterini characterized by low prices. Lovers of extreme sports can visit a water park in 8 km from Thessaloniki.If you have a lot of time in Greece, you can visit Olympiaki Akti, then have Santorini tours. Then you can go to Paros, Naxos and Milos islands.

An integral part of this resort are the beaches of ParaliaKaterini. Korin, Paralias, OlimpiakisActis (or Katerinoskala) and many other beaches in both urban and «wild» are very popular. The sea is one of the cleanest in the world, it strikes a beautiful turquoise color. Its shores are covered with clean sand. Relaxing on the beach will not leave anyone indifferent, and will never be forgotten. The sea is not very deep, so you can not afraid to go on a vacation with the child.

There is a wide range of water sports such as surfing, spear fishing, scuba diving besides the usual swimming and lying on the warm sand. There are also water attractions, paragliders. Many beaches of Paralia are equipped with volleyball and basketball courts where you can arrange exciting competition on the sand.

You will not have problems with finding places where you can have lunch and dinner here. There is a wide variety of cafes, restaurants and bars with quite tolerable prices. Residents of Greece are famous for the worship of their traditions and warm hospitality. The basis of Greek cuisine diet are seafood dishes. Fish restaurants are the pride of the city of Katerini. You can also find a casino, golf course and tennis courts here.

It is advantageous to make purchases in Greece. The prices are low because the majority of goods is produced by locals. There is a desire to bring home a souvenir or a gift to someone you know. It is perfect to buy a good wine, brandy, handmade icon, a bronze statuette of a knight or a hand-painted ceramic plate. Here you can finda honey from thyme, olives and olive oils. Be sure to bring tea from mountain herbs and local spices. Do not be afraid to bargain in small shops, they can make you a good discount.
Hotels in Paralia Katerini have mostly three stars, so this Greek holiday is not regarded as a high-end resort. Most of the hotels have small number of rooms, and only a couple of them have a swimming pool. But this does not prevent them to be comfortable, have pleasing green gardens, fountains and parks. So it is a pleasant oasis to relax, especially in the sweltering time of year. The mild climate, good-natured Greeks, cozy small hotels, crystal clear beaches, stunning sea, unforgettable experience awaits you in ParaliaKaterini.


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