Naxos island: Travel guide

Gigantic marble gate Portara is the main sight in Naxos.Only gate and foundation of the temple preserved for nowadays. Sunset on a background of Portaria is indescribable and fascinating spectacle, so locals and tourists are going here in the evenings.

The Venetian Castro fortress is another architectural relic that is located on a hill and towering over the city. The fortified castle was built by the Venetian duke in the XIII century and perfectly preserved to nowadays. Facades of urban elite houses form the outer ramparts of the castle to protect it from attacks by the sea. Many unique finds are stored in Archaeological Museum on the territory of the fortress.

The Bazeos Castle attracts a lot of tourists. It was home for monks for a long time.Thenit had been empty as long as the noble family Bazeos rebuild it in the XIX century. The castle regularly hosts art exhibitions and hosts the annual Easter Festival of Naxos. The important religious attraction of the island is Cathedral of St. John Chrysostom, that is not far from Chora.

You can go to the village of Halki, nearly all of which occupies the famous distillery Vallindras. Here you can participate in the free tour, watch the wine cooking and taste the best varieties of the drink produced by old technology.

The unusual monuments of antiquity Kuroshio are huge statues, carved of marble and lying directly on the ground. Kouros of Dionysus reaches 10 meters in length and weighs nearly 80 tons. It is possible to watch them in a marble quarry near the Apollonas village, where it lays from the VI century BC, you can also admire the six-meter MelanesKouros of Apollo here.

There are more than 20 excellent beaches in Naxos.They occupy about 100 km of coastline. You can easily choose the one that will have you on the soul among them. You can go to urban beach of Chorain Agios Georgios to relax with young children. The sea is shallow, it has a flat bottom and a smooth entry. The beach is very lively and quite crowded.

Agios Prokopiosisvery popular and no wonder, because it is one of the three best beaches in Greece and European top ten! It is perfectly protected from the wind and has white quartz sand. The sea is so calm, clear and transparent, that you can compare it with a huge swimming pool. The beach is well equipped with everything necessary for rest and recreation.

You can also go to Agia Anna beach, that is surrounded by cedars, and the Plaka beach, which will be appreciated by lovers of peaceful and relaxing stay about 7 km from Chora. There are much less vacationers and no noisy cafes. You can enjoy ideal conditions for windsurfing on Mikri Viglabeach. Experienced divers, as well as beginners who want to learn scuba diving, will be enjoyed by Taormina center where you can rent all the necessary equipment and go to the most notable and beautiful places for diving.


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